7 Best Companion Dogs: Suitable for Families & Elderly

Doggies are our best buddies. But now we can make them our partners too.Yes, it’s true!

Just like human beings, animals also choose their career path while they are young. Pups can become guide dogs to offer human beings admiration, support, happiness, and calming stability. They are referred to as companion dogs because they have unique attributes that make them excellent for getting along with individuals with mental health ailments. These canines bring a sense of stability and friendship to the lives of individuals, households, and even older people.

Canines are a significant source of emotional and social camaraderie and compassion for their masters. They keep humans healthy by encouraging them to walk and play regularly. They can make individuals comfortable and calm with their cuteness and endless dedication. However, canines need special training to become guide dogs.

If you have mental health problems and feel these issues are keeping you from living life, here are 7 adorable assistant dog types to support you.

1. Labrador Retriever

Source: dailypaws.com

Retrievers are originally trained to chase. But one great thing is, they have 10 on-10 trainability. So, if you desire to have a Labrador retriever as a partner, you can have them trained by a professional.

This all-star assistance dog type is cheerful and energetic and has never known a foreigner. They love greeting new individuals, getting free pets, going on multiple streets and runs, and helping their masters. If you feel you can sustain Labrador’s lifestyle, this dog is ideal for you.

2. Samoyed

Another lovable, friendly breed on our list is Samoyed. Although often mistaken as Japanese Spitz, this breed is much larger, calmer, and independent. You don’t need to take them on daily walks or runs as they can do that themselves. But if you need their help, they can retain your commands and obey you.

However, give your furry friend proper training during their early years as they can get stubborn with age, just like humans!

3. Japanese Spitz

Source: petkeen.com

As already discussed, the Japanese Spitz is often mistaken as a Samoyed or American Eskimo dog. But these dogs are entirely distinct in their maneuver. Spitz is a comedian, as their sole aim is to make humans satisfied. They are devoted, brilliant, and trainable, which makes them ideal to become your companion.

Spitz is outgoing, goofy, adores adventures, and loves being with family. Since this type is impatient to entertain their masters, they are always hungry to remember something new with a smile on their faces. You can teach the canines various skills, and they will be pleased to show off!

4. Golden Retriever

When talking about the most delightful varieties for camaraderie, how can we leave golden retrievers out? Although originally trained to pursue outsiders, golden retrievers can be coached to help individuals and uplift their mood through proper training.

A golden retriever is a mild-tempered, highly sympathetic type with a friendly personality and alertness to human conditions. These qualities make it the ideal breed for a service or healing. But if you despise daily walks or running multiple times a day, you should not get a golden retriever. This breed is highly-active and demands lots of tending as its fur grows quickly.

5. Papillon

Source: thesprucepets.com

This breed may be tiny in size, but they are mighty! Don’t believe us? Get them yourself and find out!

Papillon is another perfect dog type to have as an ally due to their active, rational, outgoing, and mischievous personality. Their animated looks and long, furry, upright ears make them captivating and compel everyone to adore them. But the most pleasing thing about a papillon is its brilliant and cheerful nature that wants to understand and adhere to commands.

However, residing with a papillon can be tiresome if you hate having an active lifestyle. If they don’t get enough training and affection from humans, they express disappointment by barking. It can be a pain to the ears. Moreover, a papillon needs constant psychological motivation via games, puzzles, and other activities. So, ensure to provide them with these!

6. American Staffordshire Terrier

Source: petmd.com

It is a happy-face breed that corresponds to their cheerful, foolish temper. Although they look similar to a Pitbull, they are far more affectionate, inclined to snuggle anytime you want. These pooches are brilliant, confident, and positive-natured associates. They are devoted, agile, and graceful, ambitious to take all kinds of psychological and physical challenges you throw their way.

If you like to jog, bike, or hike, and require a permanent partner, consider adopting an AmStaff.

7. French Bulldog

Source: petmd.com

Frenchies may be tiny, but they are among the most serene and loving breeds to give you company. These mushy-faced pugs are alive, friendly, and fun to have by your side. However, unlike pugs, Frenchies don’t have hearing, breathing, or obesity problems. They are an easygoing breed that can socialize within minutes, and the best thing is they don’t need a big yard to stay healthy because of their small size.

People with gentle hands, who can hardly stand a foot off the ground, must take a Frenchie as their companion for life. This calm and relaxed breed is highly-affectionate and even-tempered.

Wrapping Up

Besides the ones listed above, there are many other dog breeds, such as a Chihuahua, Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Pug, Beagle, Shih Tzu, Maltese, Coolie, and Boxer, among others, that are perfect to become your companion. These breeds have an easygoing and affectionate temperament, making them ideal for people suffering from mental health problems.

You can choose from various lap, hunting, guard, and sporty dogs to make your partner for life. However, if you’re asking for their company, don’t forget they also need your love and affection in return.

Give your dog a lot of love and don’t disappear when you don’t have time. Companion dogs also suffer from separation anxiety. Stay away from independent and aloof breeds like Shiba Inu, Akita, and Chow Chow, no matter how drawn you are to their cute face!