When Nature Calls: Why Alaska Should Be On Your Cruise Bucket List

Alaska represents a unique land full of amazing landscapes and beautiful nature. Some of the best things you can find there are glaciers, mountains, a lot of wildlife, and untouched nature. However, visiting and exploring different parts of it can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to parts that are far away from the sea. That is the main reason why cruises are the most popular option for visiting this place.

There are tours available from many spots. Therefore, all you need to do is to research traveling agencies to find the right one. For example, if you are interested in finding cruises Seattle to Alaska, you can check this site. Here are the main reasons why this tour should be on your bucket list.

Amazing Landscapes

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The primary perk of visiting Alaska with a cruise is the fact that you can observe the amazing nature from a distance, including the mountains and glaciers. You will be stunned by the sights on your trip. Most of the tallest mountains in the US are in this state, and watching them from the sea will show them in their full size and beauty.

The tour will go around different corners, and depending on the type of the tour, there is a chance that you will have a stop at some point, and take a hiking tour. However, keep in mind that not every part of the year is the right moment for that. Summer is the most popular option.

Another detail that we have to mention is related to the glaciers. They are astounding. Make sure to keep the battery full on your phone since you will be taking a lot of photos of this place. There are over 600 glaciers in Alaska, and each one of them is breathtaking.

Nature and Wildlife

Even though this is a very challenging place to live, there are many wild animals that you will spot on your tour. The combination of the terrain and the unique combination of woods, glaciers, and many other things are what make this place so unique. The most stunning animals that you can see on your trip are moose and bears.

Moreover, the great thing about cruises is that many of them that are going to Alaska have special balconies where you can stay inside while still being able to enjoy the full beauty of this place. That is one of the key advantages of traveling there with a boat.

You can bring the binoculars to make your experience even better when it comes to observing animals. Also, if you are lucky enough, the cruise will pass nearby a group of polar bears, so that you can observe them in their natural environment.

It is Safe

While it is beautiful and has a lot to offer, the fact is that Alaska can be very challenging. Hiking there and traveling with some other type of transport is also much more difficult when compared to a cruise. Also, hiking there with a group of friends can be dangerous. There are different reasons for that, such as wild animals, glaciers, and the risk of getting lost.

In that matter, the safest solution is to go with a tour guide. They have explored this place and know where hiking is safe. On the other side, they have proper safety equipment.

Learn More About Natives and Their Tradition

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Another unique detail of Alaska is that there are native people who still follow their traditions. There are different groups that you can meet on your trip, like Yupik, Inuit, Tlingit, and more. Their intimate knowledge of the environment, passed down through generations, showcases a sustainable way of life deeply tangled with nature.

Engaging with them will help you learn more about how they respect nature with their traditional practices. There are available tours where you can visit festivals, centers, and other events where you can meet native people in this area. You might be able to even participate in some of their typical activities, such as collecting food in the wild, but also listen to their stories and learn a lot about this unique culture.

Other Interesting Details

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Staying there only for a couple of days won’t be enough to even catch a glimpse of the full beauty of Alaska. There are so many activities available, such as watching whales, observing polar lights, enjoying in a traditional Inuit food, walking nearby amazing glaciers, and seeing polar bears from a short distance.

Apart from all of that, you will still be in a luxurious cruise with a modern equipment, restaurants with quality food, and enjoy in advanced comfort. That will remove all the challenges you will have to face if you decide to visit this place in any other way.

Some cruises are offering smaller boats that will secure an even more unique experience since you will have a chance to visit all these interesting things from an even shorter distance. On the other side, there are many interesting activities available on the cruise all the time. It can be a perfect option for a family vacation, but it can be a romantic trip as well.

Last Words

This part of the world is unique and cannot be compared to any other place in the US. If you prefer adventures and nature, visiting Alaska is perfect solution. The advantage of going there with a cruise is that it will be much safer and more comfortable.

There is always some spot where people can go outside for walk or a hiking tour, and the best part is that you will get a professional guide that will take care of your security. The best time to go there is between April and October. In most cases, the average time of a tour will last around seven days.

During your one or two week trip, you will be able to see a lot of amazing things, meet indigenous people, observe the wildlife, and check out a lot of wonders that Alaska is offering.